Hello everyone. My name is Afia Chaudhry & I will be representing the two cities that never sleep, New York & Lahore, Pakistan. I am 20 years old & currently studying Pre-Med at Brooklyn College. I will be continuing my education in the medical field to become a pediatric surgeon. I currently work as a Pharmacy Technician. Besides living the typical fast-paced NYC lifestyle, I also love to stay up to date with fashion and photography. Politics would have to be my most-liked interest due to the reason that I can almost turn everything into a never ending debate. Believe me, it’s one of my best traits! I am always trying new things to broaden my horizons by traveling and reading. My curiosity does not end.

Afia Chaudhry

I want to be a part of the Miss Pakistan USA pageant to spread awareness & knowledge of our beautiful country, it’s accomplishments & indulging culture. I would like to get our Pakistani community more active by being more charitable & volunteering to help our brothers & sisters. By being a part of this pageant, it will help enhance my image in the Pakistani community because even as a Pakistani female, I can show the pride, integrity and my wish for a better Pakistan on a bigger scale. I want to be the stepping stone for my people. If I won Miss Pakistan USA, I will help my country to move out of poverty, eliminate illiteracy, help our women to equal rights & lastly, try to remove the false image the world has created of Pakistan