Niza Sulahry

Hi! My name is Niza Sulahry, representing Charlotte, North Carolina! I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, currently in school at Northwestern University for my Master’s degree, and work in the Finance industry at Wells Fargo. I grew up in Centreville, Virginia, and come back to visit several times a year. Being a part of this pageant will allow me not only to meet beautiful and talented Pakistani American women, but will provide me with a platform to raise money to help pay for the higher education of a woman who desires higher education but cannot afford it – someone like you or me, with a dream who just needs a hand. It will grant me the opportunity to explore my passion for fashion and photography – and represent Pakistani American women who are often passed up in shoots. I have been a United Nations Volunteer writing and editing published documents on Disaster Relief, distributed dental supplies for children in Pakistan, and volunteer on a regular basis in my community. But with this platform I will be able to take on my most rewarding role as role model to women just like myself, who can feel there is hope when you try to follow your dreams.

Sundas Khalid 

My name is Sundas Khalid. I am a Data Scientist at Amazon, Team Lead and Board member for Pakistani Women in Computing. I was born and raised in Faisalabad, Pakistan and moved to USA after getting married in 2004. I have a six-year gap between my high school and college education, and I am the first female in my family to get a college degree and pursue a career. I graduated from University of Washington in 2014 with a B.B.A. degree in Information System Management and was valedictorian for the class of 2014, giving a speech to an audience of 3,000 at the graduation ceremony.  In Nov 2018, I received two recognition awards for my exemplary work at Amazon. I was also featured by Wogrammer and People of Color in Tech to highlight my accomplishments. I currently reside in Seattle, WA with my amazing husband and two kids.

 Growing up in a conservative family where girls did not pursue higher education or a career, I never thought that I would one day be in a position to inspire others with my story. I want to become Mrs. Pakistan USA to inspire others to dream big. That they too can embody a successful career while upholding their culture, heritage and family values. I am passionate about women’s education and have been involved with several organizations including Pakistani Women in Computing, People of Color in Tech, Wogrammer, Women of CXT, Amazon Women in Engineering, University of Washington, Women in Tech Show, Facebook, Twitter, Wonder Women Tech, Google GHC Scholar, Anita Borg Institute, and Pakistani Association of Greater Seattle to further this cause. As part of my efforts with Pakistani Women in Computing, I was awarded “Women Empowerment Award” by Pakistan Association of Greater Seattle on Pakistan Day 2019—recognizing my contributions towards building an empowering community and a support system for females of Pakistani origin.

 I want to become Mrs. Pakistan USA 2019 to continue inspiring women of Pakistan origin to pursue higher education and their dream careers. I want to be a role model, showing them that they can manage both family and a career while helping and empowering others along the way. Mrs. Pakistan USA will give me the platform to share my story and amplify my voice on a much larger scale.


Tuba Ali 

Hi, I am Tuba Ali. I was born in Karachi, Pakistan. I moved to the USA in 2008 with my family. In my free time, I like to write poem, sketch, and paint. I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting, and currently, I am working as an Accountant in Washington D.C.

 Being a part of Mrs. Pakistan USA 2019 will be a great honor. This pageant will help me enhance my self-confidence and will help me learn about Pakistani Community more. I am happy that Miss Pakistan USA started Mrs. Pakistan USA to show that marriage shouldn’t stop a woman from achieving her goals and dreams. For me, being a part of this pageant would be the first step to enter in the world of fashion and modeling that I always dreamed of.

 I have been preparing myself mentally for this big event. This pageant will provide a platform that will help me make my voice heard as a Pakistani woman on a much larger scale. It will give me a chance to help Pakistani community by working together as a team.

 If I won the title of Mrs. Pakistan USA, I would like to accomplish few things. First, I would like to set an example that daughters are as capable as sons, and daughters can also take responsibilities of their parents even after marriage. Second, I would like to encourage parents to provide proper education to their daughters. Third, I would like to help people in need, for example helping homeless people, providing education for people who are having financial difficulties (kids/adults), and helping people in any way I can. Helping people makes me happy, and winning the title of Mrs. Pakistan USA 2019 will give me a platform that will enable me to help people and make my dream come true.

Natasha Raza
My name is Natasha Raza , 
I completed my college Associates with Business Administration and my career/occupation is ‘IT Business Systems Analyst’ in EDI health care domaine .
From many other good reasons of participating in pageant, I would like to mention few major ones here.
1) To encourage Pakistani Woman for woman empowerment/ stand up for their rights / don’t give up on goals / support each other for healthy & wiser society.
2) make education easy access for unfortunate kids in Pakistan through charities and social events . 
3) support Pakistani society specially youth with their goals for success because idea is to support Pakistani people to grow together towards better future to leave good impression/prints on world’s map. 
This platform would definitely get me under limelight to be noticeable for society which will help me raising my voice for good causes towards helping society for improvement ,goal is to put effort together for betterment of Pakistan on daily basis .
If I would happen to win the title of Mrs.Pakistan my efforts are going to support Pakistan & Pakistani youth in every possible way, idea is to conduct awareness events / charities to support the educational foundations for unfortunate people in Pakistan who desire to pursue with education / women empowerment /awareness for women rights and support.
Raise charities/ donations to support Clean drinking water system in Pakistan . 
I would like to avail the opportunity to help making Pakistan better , healthier and wiser inshallah . 
Thankyou so much for considering me to become a part of pageant 2019 . 
Let’s make difference together :

Tuba Khan 

My name is tuba, Iam a doctor by profession , I was working in plastic surgery in the Middle East and moved here to United States .
When I got married and changed countries , I realized the difference in thoughts and perception of people .People perceive things differently once you are married , are a woman , or even qualified enough to stand your own grounds .Being a public speaker , I wanted to represent a normal Pakistani female which has all those restrictions , expectations and limitations 
I wanted to show that change can happen and we women although empowered are not to spaced or labeled as someone who can’t do this and that
Mrs Pakistan isn’t just a title to win and boast about .Its a title to be carried out and held with responsibility where the caption Pakistan echoes out 
The way I prepared mYself is to remind myself that it’s the name of Pakistan that I will be carrying forward and the  future representative of a normal Pakistani female has its own respect and power to change peoples hearts and for that it need a lot of mental development and mature acts that renders us as the right candidate 
If I win the title , I will respect it and act righteously to be earning it 
It will make the Pakistani women proud , it will motivate them to step out and make the best of opportunity just like I did 


Huma Qamar 

I would like to take a moment to formally introduce myself. My name is Huma Qamar. I am an American Pakistani who was born in Rawalpindi,  Pakistan (originally from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) but moved to United States almost ten years ago in pursuit of chasing my dreams and ambition.

Well… let me give you a brief synopsis of my extraordinary journey as an American Pakistani. I am a physician. I completed my degree in Medicine from Army Medical College, Rawalpindi- Pakistan in 2009 and moved to USA in 2010 after securing my scholarship from Yale. I am currently working in Philadelphia with a prestigious Oncology Hospital concentrating in the Oncology Clinical Research in a leadership role.

As my journey was not a smooth sail initially when I moved to USA, I had to work 5 times harder as a Single Muslim immigrant in the Health Care arena. Additionally, I made waves in the scientific community by incorporating my passion for public health and medicine and my extraordinary work for the communities in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

 I have always been a trend setter rather than a trend follower in my personal as well as professional life. To your surprise folks, I always dreamt of being a film and fashion icon whose picture should be on Billboards. From my early English newscaster days in 2007 at Khyber TV News and an English Debater to Emceeing- hosting Bollywood and Community shows- Mushaira’s to participating in theatrical plays, doing a short movie- I have been greatly involved in many cultural activities in the Philadelphia Tri-State area.

In all these years, I have experienced that there is stereotyping associated with the Pakistani women especially married females on an international level. People in America don’t necessarily know the “Real Pakistani Strong and Educated Woman”. I truly believe that we certainly need a Strong Community Leader and a woman who can portray the image of Pakistan in America. I firmly think that “Mrs. Pakistan USA, 2019” is that platform that will bridge the gap between communities. Additionally, my goal is to help the foreign trained MDs who come from Pakistan and they have no clue what are the next steps in becoming a licensed physician here or what are the other opportunities.

Rida Marriam 


My name is Rida Syeda, I am 27 years old and currently reside in Alpharetta Georgia. I am a Software Engineer and run a media company (R.U Media). I moved to the USA when I was 18, my life before comprised of traveling from city to city in Pakistan as my father was in the Pakistan Army. As a Military child I grew up being patriotic to my homeland , I have lived in over 15 cities in Pakistan and have absorbed immense culture from each of them.  Mrs Pakistan is a honor and an opportunity that gives me a stage to showcase the love and culture I have taken in during my time in Pakistan and away from it. I have a passion for my Pakistani community. There is not many Influencers to bring the current trend to our community. If chosen Mrs Pakistan I would bring power to our Pakistani Americans, being an engineer and in the media industry I would create a better future for our community by opening doors of media and entertainment for our younger generation.