Hena Jenkins

My name is Hena Jenkins. I am 33 years old and representing Huntsville, Alabama. I have been happily married to my husband, Brent for the last ten years. We have two beautiful children; our son Sammy (9) who is in the 3rd grade and is a huge gamer and enjoys swimming and Asa (21 months) who is our little daredevil. She is very spicy and likes to climb and jump off all things. She keeps me actively engaged!

We also have 2 dogs, Scooter (Dachshund, 9 years) and Lola (Black Lab, 2 years) and a cat Figaro (6 years) so as you can imagine with a full house, there is never a dull moment.

My hobbies include remodeling our entire house/interior design (Which has been quite an adventure!), reading/listening to audiobooks (Check out “Leaders Eat Last” and “From Good to Great”.), and working out. (My favorite workouts are Autumn Calabrese’s from Beach Body on Demand.)

I am a former LPN but currently am a stay-at-home mom since 2019. I also hold a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from Alabama A&M University and am two semesters away from completing a Master’s in Dietetics. I also am working on becoming a licensed realtor in the state of Alabama.

I also proudly serve as a finance officer in the Alabama Army National Guard. As a Pakistani American woman serving in the military, I hope that I can change any biases or perceptions about women from my culture as well as show the diverse reality of Soldiers within the force.

The purpose behind the Mrs. Pakistan USA pageant is to emphasize the beauty and intelligence of Pakistani American women who are married and/or are mothers and promote a positive vision, combat negative stereotypes and be a cultural role model to women across the board.

As Mrs. Pakistan USA, I hope to represent the core of the American Dream; that a Pakistani woman can achieve any goal she sets her mind to and does not need to be a doctor or lawyer in order to be successful.

In my professional military career, one thing that I have observed is that water purification and its storage play an integral role in health sustainment as well as mission success. Not only must it be safe for consumption during our vigorous training, but it also provides disease prevention through our personal hygiene as well.

Therefore, my platform is ensuring the well-being of Pakistani people through devoting countless hours to ensure the availability of CLEAN water throughout the country, especially within rural and remote areas. This is an essential need especially during the lapses in global logistics due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. By highlighting this issue, I hope to bring its awareness to the forefront of the world stage and work with a team to plan, develop, and implement solutions from wells in villages to simple purification devices that can be used in every household.

I plan to do this in memory of my late father, Tahir Mahmood, who believed that helping people was the most honorable thing a person could do and spent his life ensuring the well-being of others.


Faria Chaudhry

Hi everyone, my name is Faria Chaudhry. I am from Nashville, Tennessee and am representing the beautiful city of Lahore, Pakistani. I graduated with a pharmacy doctorate and am currently completing my second year of residency with a focus on ambulatory care. I am participating in this competition because it’s a great way to celebrate heritage, empower women, and highlight all the great work Pakistani women have already been doing.

My motto has always been, “When you take the elevator up, make sure you send it back down for others.” For over ten years I have been heavily involved in getting resources to impoverished children in Pakistan. I work with organizations to donate books, help fund the education and meals of children, and just a few years ago I was able to assist in creating a school in Pakistan. I would love to be able to have a bigger platform to get more resources for causes that are dear to my heart. Pakistani women, like myself, are making a difference all over the world. It’s time to shine a light on our efforts and make a name for ourselves.

If I win the title of Mrs. Pakistan USA, I will use this platform to serve as a catalyst to encourage Pakistani women to chase their dreams, lead with conviction, and challenge the status quo. I want women to confidently be themselves and to write their own narratives. Let’s continue shattering the glass ceiling one shard at a time!

Areeba Nasir Zamar

Hello everyone, my name is Areeba Nasir Zamar. I am honored to have this platform today to be the voice and advocate of change we all wish to see in the world. Born in America’s Dairyland (Wisconsin), I spent the first ten years of my life in Islamabad until eventually moving to Oregon. I come from a family with humble beginnings that started in Multan and that is why I have decided to pay homage to my ancestors and their struggle by honoring them today through representing Multan. 

I am a first-generation American Pakistani. Living through all of the experiences of a brown girl, I understand all the struggles of growing up in America. The struggle is real when you can associate with both being a Pakistani and being an American.

I went to undergrad at Portland State University, got an undergraduate degree in Biology & Psychology. For medical school, I attended Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica. After doing most of my medical school rotations in the DMV area, I fell in love with the place. I always used to say I’m becoming an MD in MD. This is where my husband and I had our legal marriage before we had our nikkah with family, so the DMV area, especially Maryland holds a very special place in my heart.

Now that you know a little about me, I want to introduce why I decided to participate in Mrs.Pakistan USA 2021. I am currently a Psychiatry resident in my second year of training, along with being accepted to a Child and Adolescent fellowship program. I am here at this platform because I want to be a mental health advocate for women. I want to be part of the revolution that eliminates the stigma attached to mental health wellness in the desi culture. 

The disparity between the need, cultural limitations, and the lack of resources is so apparent, which is why I decided to become a Psychiatrist. I want to promote and raise awareness about mental health within the desi communities and not only become a psychiatrist but become a child and adolescent psychiatrist. Along with that, I plan to work in the areas of women’s mental health, trauma, immigrant mental health, and integrative cultural mental health. 

We come from a culture where speaking of mental health is taboo. I understand the pain and shame of all those suffering from anxiety every time they share their experience. There is a huge lack of resources, but to add being desi to that, puts people at a very high risk of suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.

Yet, the most unlikely population to seek help is brown people. 

I am going to be the bridge that serves to normalize and encourage members of the desi communities to seek help for mental health. I seek to normalize mental health as part of holistic wellbeing. Being a trauma survivor myself, I would like to work on overcoming the disparities of awareness, education, and social stigma, to empower trauma survivors within our desi communities, especially women. With the platform of Mrs. Pakistan USA, I would like to take the opportunity to empower each one of us to take part in the revolution where we are empathetic and kind to all the sufferings of human beings within our desi communities.


Adeela Zaidi

I am Adeela Zaidi. I am pursuing my undergraduate bachelor’s degree in computer science from Rutger University in New Jersey. I am working as a technician with Fujifilm. I am from an immigrant family and grew up in New York, and currently living in New Jersey. I am all about women’s power because I think that every woman has hidden power in them, and once they discover that power, they can conquer the world when they use that power.

Being a part of this pageant will allow me to meet beautiful Pakistani American women. This platform helps me to build my self-confidence. I will learn so many things about myself and communication skills, leadership, interviews, and poise. Pageantry gives a window of opportunities, this world ties in with the entertainment world! So, it opens doors to modeling, acting, performing, and much more. I always want to see myself on TV doing modeling and getting fame. The best sides of pageantry are the organizations you get to work with or begin.

I want to work with those women who got affected by domestic violence and motivate them. Because helping people gives me great pleasure. I believe there is someone out there waiting for us to go and help them and show them the right path so they can ignite their future because everyone on this planet has a right to live a happy and healthy life.

I want to become Mrs. Pakistan USA in 2021 to inspire women and be an excellent example for everyone that nothing is impossible because when you have a will, you will find the way. I want to be a role model for all the women and tell them they can do anything anytime they need to believe in themselves.

Amber Jamshed

I am Amber Jamshed Founder/President of Houston Professional Women Organization (HPWO), an emerging real estate agent, established entrepreneur, radio, and TV host, leader, and humanitarian.

My dedication, commitment, compassion, my love for Pakistan, my belief in lending out a hand, and being supportive to bring tremendous, meaningful and positive changes in our societies, and my humble contributions to strengthen and empower my community have motivated me to participate in Mrs. Pakistan USA Pageant.

Alongside successfully running “Amber Jamshed Designer Boutique” for more than 10 years, I recently delved into the domain of real estate. Excellent customer service, commitment to work hard, listen, and follow-through are my mantras as a realtor. I am providing quality service to build relationships with clients through communicating effectively. Through my boutique, I continue to provide elegant, exotic, and vibrant clothes and cater to the needs of not only the South Asian community but also American clientele.

I started my career by working in a local radio channel after completing my Master’s in Mass Communication. Later I joined a prestigious English daily “The News” as an investigative reporter. Later though my career trajectory took me to different paths, my love for media remained intact. When a chance came my way, I was quick to grab it and hosted a TV show; “Dil ki Baat Amber kay Sath” on Geo USA” in 2020, and am also currently doing a Radio Show on HUM FM 103.5 every Thursday.

As a woman, I strongly believe in stronger women strengthening other strong women. With the same belief, I laid the foundation of “ Houston Professional Women Organization” in 2018 to build, inspire and nurture meaningful and long-term relationships strong women hold.

The organization encourages women to support one another through social responsibility and referrals citing “together we can make a difference”. Through the platform of HPWO remarkable and powerful women are being recognized. HPWO is a unique, of its own kind platform that is highlighting professional women belonging to all cultures and ethnicities. It is creating opportunities and empowering these women through advocacy, access to leaders, economic empowerment, connectivity, and business education.

I was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan, and moved to Houston after getting married in 2005. I believe I am not blowing my own trumpet when I say that with my consistent efforts and sheer hard work, I have established myself as a strong voice and influencer among the South Asian community in Houston. I was also bestowed with the Proud Pakistani Award in 2020.

I am happiest with my husband Arif Jamshed raising two adorable children Fatima and Hamza in our beautiful home.

I am equally humbled and excited to participate in this prestigious pageant . I take this as yet another opportunity to represent the Pakistani and South Asian Community in Houston. It is a chance to showcase the excellent work done by Pakistani women to uplift other women, women empowerment, and portray a positive image of our dear Homeland. As always, I will be needing your support and prayers. Your encouragement and love have brought me thus far and I believe that you will continue to shower your love and unconditional support upon me.



Iqra Saqib

Salam Everyone! My name is Iqra Saqib. I was born in Los Angeles, California, and grew up in Las Vegas, NV. My family is originally from Lahore, Pakistan. I have completed medical school at Western University of Health Science College of Osteopathic Medicine, and Internal Medicine Residency in Las Vegas. I am currently working as an internal medicine physician in Las Vegas, NV!

I want to become Mrs. Pakistan USA to inspire hope in the young women of today’s society and show that it is possible to accomplish anything that you set your mind to. As a current Internal Medicine physician, as well as, a wife, a sister, and a daughter I hope to send the message to young girls about the importance of educating themselves and pursuing careers that they are passionate about, while still being able to live a balanced and happy life. Often there is a stigma that if a woman is working, it’s not possible to balance family life. I know so many inspirational women in my own life that have shown me it’s possible to do it all. 

I personally love coming home and talking to my family about my work and how I was able to make a difference in the lives of my patients and positively affect those around me. I find so much meaning and purpose in what I do every day, which makes me feel more fulfilled. I think in today’s society there is often pressure on young girls to get married and many make compromises on things that give them a sense of purpose and meaning. This is something we as a society should discourage. I hope to inspire young women to be the best versions of themselves and to pursue their dreams and to send me the message that anything is possible in this world. 

Growing up I always wanted to participate in pageants; now that I have the opportunity I am beyond thrilled to be here! I’m excited to meet new people and travel. In addition, I think having such a powerful platform is truly an honor and can make a monumental difference and influence an entire generation of young girls to be the best versions of themselves. Through this platform, I hope to bring attention to medical discrepancies at the local and state community levels and increase awareness about medical resources available to those who are less fortunate. I hope to be able to participate in fundraisers that provide funding to free medical care clinics throughout the US and offer medical care to the uninsured and impoverished. 

It is without a doubt an honor and privilege to be part of this pageant. Regardless of the outcome, I’m so excited to be a part of this process and meet everyone!

Sofi Jay

Hello! My name is Sofi Jay and I am a proud self-made woman. I currently work as a Program Manager of a multi-million dollar portfolio. I have obtained my bachelor’s degree in Finance and am currently pursuing my Master’s. Managing multiple programs, projects and teams is a job of immense responsibility and pressure therefore in my free time, I enjoy fashion and modeling. I have walked and modeled for many big Pakistani Designer names on the ramp. I am a huge proponent of a healthy lifestyle and try to eat a balanced diet with regular physical activity. I strongly believe in giving back to my community and country, and I achieve that by getting myself involved in community service, volunteer work, and long-time affiliations with non-profit charity organizations.

Among many other things I would like to accomplish if chosen, the one thing that matters the most to me is Gender-based violence and advocating for women’s safety in developed and under-developed countries. I would like to participate in and support the organizations working to minimize and control gender-based violence. I would also like to advocate for stricter laws and more stringent policies to prevent women all around the world especially in under-developed countries.

I would like to become the next Mrs. Pakistan USA because becoming a part of the Miss Pakistan USA organization would provide me with a wonderful platform and opportunity to advocate for and support some of the most pressing issues women around the world are facing these days. I have been a patron and follower of this wonderful organization since its inception and have witnessed the strong and determined women that have won their crowns and then moved on to doing great things for the support and empowerment of women. Most of all, I myself have been a huge fan of the former Miss Pakistan, Zainab Naveed and the work she has done for the community.