Washington, D.C.: Marking another honorable and exciting moment for Pakistan! Our Pakistani-American Uroosa Malik of Rawalpindi Pakistan residing in Washington DC was crowned Miss Pakistan USA 2022, while Sarah Sajjad of Multan Pakistan residing in the city that never sleeps, New York was crowned Mrs. Pakistan USA 2022 at the pageant which took place on December 18 2022 in Springfield Virginia held at The Waterford Event Center. Mrs. Sajjad was also awarded Mrs. Prefect, Mrs. Popular and Mrs. Intelligent. As for our lovely Miss Malik was also awarded as Miss. Perfect and Miss Darling of the Press .

Aside from Miss Uroosa Malik winning the title as Miss Pakistan USA 2022 she was also awarded Miss Prefect and Miss Darling of the Press . Mrs Sarah Sajjad as Mrs Pakistan USA 2022 was award Mrs. Popular, Mrs. Intelligent and Mrs. Prefect. The following titles were awarded: Emel Khan as Miss Charitable. Alina Rizvi as Miss Intelligent. Minaal Khan as Miss talent. Isha Malik as Miss Popularity, Miss People’s choice, and Miss Photogenic, and Mani Khan as Miss Congeniality. As for our Mrs; Sana Zahid as Mrs. Congeniality. Humna Farooq as Mrs. Photogenic and Mrs. Talent. And lastly, Dolly Malik as Mrs Darling of the press, Mrs People’s choice and Mrs. Charitable . 

This year for the first time Miss and Mrs Pakistan  USA held a Community Award honoring our local faces and those who were involved within the desi community. Partaking in our community awards giving memorable speech by our special guest speaker Nafiah Fatima Ikram & Sania Alam. Encouraging all Pakistan women within their speeches on women empowerment and struggles as Pakistan women in America. Going in dept with in their struggles and overcoming their weakness to embrace beauty and confidence within! 

Miss and Miss Pakistan USA had the honors of having Familiar faces in the Pakistani Industry, Meera Jee giving a welcoming appearance in our 8th Annual Miss and Mrs. Pakistan USA pageant as a honorable judges. As well as Local influencer and community leaders Rehan Siddiqi, Asif Jamal, Mazhar Chughtai, Fouzia Shah Gupta, Sonny Tohan, Anny Khan, Harry Singh, MAQ Quereshi, and lastly Aisha Sayeda.

Miss Malik, after winning her crown announces on her platform a victory speech encouraging Pakistani women “To all the beautiful women out there, I stand by saying, stay true to who you are and being unapologetically authentic in your truth. I am a firm believer in not following the herd yet finding your own path and becoming a trailblazer. Trust your inner gut, explore your talents, discipline yourself to work hard and be kind to whomever you meet. I guarantee you; it will not disappoint.”. 

Mrs. Sajjad took the moment to take in all her glory of winning her title as Mrs Pakistan UsA 2022 dedicating all her hard work to her young 4 children. Even with being a mother and a voice in her community Mrs. Sajjad as more in life she would like to concur. “ I have too much to accomplish but I am in no rush! I am on the starting line of my ambitious track because of this pageant and with the help of all the community, undoubtedly I will reach the finish line and be a winner!”. 

Upon winning their title Mrs. Sajjad and Miss Malik ecstatic and gorgeous as ever had the chance to interview with local news channels broadcasting out in Pakistan as well as the USA. Both we are very grateful for their title with emotions and memories made for a lifetime. 

Within Miss Malik’s interview with Dunya News she waa determined to win and claim her title “I got this title now and inshAllah I pray to take it on to the next level”. As for Mrs. Sajjad stating “leaving my 4 kids back home I want to be able to bring back a crown to show my kids Amma has bought back a win”. 

Our honorable guest Meera G in her interview with Capital Washington TV gave a heartwarming shoutout to all of the contestant. Stating how each girl was unique in their own way and how she wished she could crown each girl competing. After after complementing all the girls within the pageant Meera j said “ many congratulations to all the girls, you all were beautiful , and you all were talented! I would like to say stay positive and think all good thoughts”. She also took on to say thank you to those that took the time to bring her out to be able to be present in this moment. 

About Miss and Mrs. Pakistan USA

Miss and Mrs. Pakistan U.S.A.  is a beauty pageant for Pakistani women worldwide. The Miss Pakistan U.S.A. pageant seeks to promote qualities which emphasize the beauty, intelligence, culture, and heritage Pakistani women embody. Although the pageant is based in North America it welcomes women from around the world who possess strong goals, a positive vision and an unwavering determination to promote Pakistani culture and values.