Humna Farooq

My name is Humna Farooq. I am from Gaithersburg, Maryland. I will be representing the beautiful city of Lahore, Pakistan at Mrs. Pakistan USA 2022.

I am a certified makeup artist, content creator, and co-owner of DMS Tech Solutions, an IT consulting company. I received my undergraduate degree in Public Health from the University of Maryland. Currently, I’m pursuing my real estate license.

For the past 5 years, I have been working to create a globally supportive community through my social media platforms by teaching women to be confident through my beauty tutorials.

I work with organizations here in the US that support women of color who have been victims of domestic violence, as well as in Pakistan for those who have fallen victim of natural disasters, like the devastating floods this year that caused mass destruction.

I’m so excited to be a finalist for Mrs. Pakistan USA. If I win the title, I will use this platform to empower Pakistani married women on a larger scale to chase their dreams and push boundaries, while providing them with guidance and support.

I am proud to be a Pakistani woman because we are determined and have the ability to brighten up our surroundings with our incredible talents and skills. We are no longer bound to traditional gender roles as we have evolved. We are more than just caretakers, we are leaders. We are limitless.


Sana Zahid

 I am Sana Zahid. I was born in Islamabad Pakistan. I moved to the USA in 2019 with my family. currently, I am running my own Restaurant in Maryland.

I am happy that Miss Pakistan USA started Mrs. Pakistan USA to show that marriage shouldn’t stop a woman from achieving her goals and dreams. For me, being a part of this pageant would be the first step to enter in the world of fashion and modeling that I always dreamed of.

If I would happen to win the title of Mrs. Pakistan my efforts are going to support Pakistan & Pakistani youth in every possible way, idea is to conduct awareness events / charities to support the educational foundations for unfortunate people in Pakistan who desire to pursue with education / women empowerment /awareness for women rights and support.

Thank you so much for considering me to become a part of pageant 2022.

Dolly Malik

My name is Dolly Malik and it is an honor to be a finalist in this year’s competition, representing Pennsylvania and my roots – Karachi! I am a PennState graduate with a B.S. in Psychology, am currently in my third and final year of law school and most recently worked under a state attorney general.

The poet Robert Frost, while walking through beautiful snowy woods, once said “but I have Miles to go before I sleep” and this line has resonated with me because I also have miles to go to become a strong role model for future generations of Pakistani women. I intend to do so by nurturing my community and representing our culture in the best light possible. Becoming Mrs. Pakistan would allow me to use the voice and presence the platform provides to continue my journey.

Alongside my studies, I am a small business owner of two boutiques featuring both Eastern and Western formalwear which allows me to engage with and educate my local communities about our culture and address misconceptions and stereotypes. I actively participate in and organize charitable drives and events including collecting funds to donate Iftar dinners, sending supplies to troops, organizing photos with Santa for special needs children and creating life restarting supply bags for domestic abuse survivors. Additionally, my most recent venture has been to personally flip a home in a city’s revitalization process to provide affordable housing to female survivors of domestic violence and I hope to be able to add another home by 2024.

I am a military spouse, and have 3 Siberian huskies, one of whom is a rescue dog. Growing up as a first generation American, it was not always easy to navigate the landscape of hurtful stereotypes about our culture and comments on our appearance. This experience has inspired me to live a life that involves encouraging and empowering Pakistani women to love themselves, pursue their dreams and to be proud of their roots. Becoming a titleholder in a pageant that celebrates the multitude of beautiful facets which create the shining diamond of the Pakistani Woman would allow me to take one more step towards the miles I have to go before I sleep.


Sarah Sajjad

Sarah Sajjad here and I come from the city of Multan, Pakistan. Happily settled with my family in New York. Did MBA Bi-Major( Marketing & Finance) from Pakistan; kicked off my career as a lecturer, Editor Manager of the University News Letter and later joined the telecom industry as a Marketing Manager and a spokesperson at“ International Women Conference “.
Life is a Cyclone and it comes with its wax and wane.My first born was born with cerebral palsy and gave me the spur to remunerate to this community and Started working with “Developmental Disability Institute”. We come from a country where there is woefully no proper channel to get your child entitled for special need services.Mental and Physical health is the crux of our daily routine and that led me to be a Certified Health Coach. I Zeal to find a light walking through this experience of being seen and heard through this acclaimed platform of Ms & Mrs Pakistan USA and become a voice of many parents with special need children.
This lionize idea of “ YOLO” doesn’t befit my proposition of Life. You live every day, every moment and this is your course of action when to make shifts in life and change the patterns. Sometimes the pattern to survive might not be to hold on and progress as Growth is Non-linear.