How does it fell being the 1st Miss Pakistan U.S.A ?
Tell us a bit about yourself?
How was your experience at the Miss Pakistan U.S.A pageant?
What are your future plans?
What do you want to do with your year as Miss Pakistan U.S.A?
What do you want to do for the Pakistani Women living in Pakistan and U.S.A?
Any advise for other aspiring beauty queens !

My name is Annie Hafeez, winner of Miss Pakistan USA 2014. I am 20 years old with a heart of gold. I was raised around a very giving and loving family which taught me my morals and values. I stay true to who I am regardless of the crowd I am surrounded by. I personally feel like this is the exact reason why I won the title Miss Pakistan USA 2014. Going into this pageant, I repeatedly told myself to be who I am and that if the judges didn’t like that, then it’s okay. But I had promised myself that I would not go into this pageant trying to be someone I am not.

Every girl obviously has their own insecurities, so I felt like I didn’t have a chance of winning. I was competing against some of the most amazing girls, girls that I can still call my friends until this day. My experience throughout the whole pageant was absolutely amazing. The organizers made the pageant a very friendly environment. Being there alone, I’ve never felt more comfortable. The experience I had within 3 days was most definitely one of the best experienced I have ever had in my life.

As soon as they announced me as Miss Pakistan USA 2014, I was in nothing but shock. I felt like I had every emotion running through my body. Words could never explain the way I felt at that exact second, but it’s definitely something I will cherish till the day I die. I feel nothing more than honored to be the 1st Miss Pakistan USA.

I have been obsessed with the idea of volunteering since such a young age

With this title I currently obtain, I not only want to help out Pakistan, but I want to be a role model for the younger generation. From my own personal experience, I have been obsessed with the idea of volunteering since such a young age. It all started when I lived in Pakistan during the year of 2003. My family had lived in an apartment building and right outside the building there was an empty yard. One day, a family discovered that land and decided to settle down. Within a couple of days, they built enough shelter to protect themselves from rain and they built a little fire pit to cook food on. Watching them everyday, they wore the same clothes and barely had enough food for the entire family. That’s when my parents started giving them extra food that we had and spare clothes.

 also have plans of traveling to Pakistan to help those in poverty.

After I saw the young girls wearing my clothing, that was when I knew that all I wanted to do in my lifetime was help others. As soon as I moved back to the states, I started researching about volunteer programs and got myself involved at the age of 16. My plan is to get the Pakistani communities in the USA involved in volunteering. I want to be able to show the people of Pakistan the good that results from pageants. I also have plans of traveling to Pakistan to help those in poverty.

I want the people of Pakistan to know me and forever remember me as the girl who put in all of her effort to help her country, as the girl who brought Pakistani communities from all around the world together to help one another. In the end, we are one country, we are one person, and we will always be there for our brothers and sisters.