My name is Binish Pirwani. I am 28 years old and am very excited to represent my country, Pakistan! I graduated from law school in 2013 and am currently working for a company in Chicago in an attorney/CFO hybrid role. Starting off at Boston University as a health science major, I wanted to make a difference and help saves lives. Soon I discovered my hatred for injustice and inequality. I changed career paths and pursued law to fight against those injustices. Ironically, now I’m working working for a company whose mission is to save lives, allowing me to make a difference for both ideals I went to school for.

Binish Pirwani

I want to be a part of Miss Pakistan U.S.A. because I think it is an amazing opportunity and platform to speak out about issues that matter and affect many women today. By becoming more involved in the Pakistani community, I expect to serve as a role model for young women, showing them that they don’t have to fall into traditional stereotypes of the roles that the community thinks women should play. As someone who tries to behave as a role model for the young women in my family, I would like to accomplish this goal on a larger scale and be the voice that tells young women that no career path is unattainable or unacceptable for women. I believe that a strong foundation is the only way to achieve gender equality, and that foundation is education. By making education more accessible to women in Pakistan, we can empower them and drive them to success. If I won Miss Pakistan U.S.A., I would create more awareness and work with other communities to address these inequalities. I also believe that participating in this pageant will help enhance my image in the Pakistani community because it will show the community that I can be a catalyst for change and opportunity. Anyone can sit and think about the negative ways in which our brothers and sisters are affected in our home country. We can empathize and feel saddened by their circumstances. However, very few of us take active steps to raise awareness or change things. I believe this pageant can provide the necessary platform for action.