“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is in light of the heart.”

My name is Humera Herbuns I am 23 years old, fully Pakistani and American Born. I am the oldest out of four; a leader since birth. I graduated from Pace University last year with my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and would love to go back eventually for my masters and doctrine in child therapy.

It is an honor to be a part of this pageant and represent the minorities of Pakistan. I want to use this opportunity to continue to fight for the struggles our Pakistani people are enduring and had endured. Although, females have come a long way and have found a voice; I would like to continue this expedition for female liberation.

The children of Pakistan are not being educated enough. How are they supposed to be our future leaders if they are not equipped with intelligence? I am a huge child advocate, for me a child’s needs are above everything. What about the one percent of Christians within our society that fear practicing their religion due to killings. Through this journey, I want to commit to help overcome the numerous controversial issues that our country faces and bring Pakistan into a positive light. Being a part of this pageant demonstrates the milestones that we as a country have already overcome.

I aspire to be the humble piece of Pakistan and not just another a pretty face


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