Greetings one and all, I am very pleased to meet you. My name is Isra Chaudhary and I will be representing New Jersey and the two most beauteous cities of Pakistan, Islamabad and Lahore. I am also seventeen, making me the youngest finalist. I am currently a senior in high school, but my ambitions of studies will lead me to a future which surrounds me with psychology; my goal as a career is to become a psychologist (iA). Along with studies, I am glorified with art, fashion, and music. The beauty behind all three things have different meanings, but bring each item to one concept, which intrigues me. Many find complex things to be absurd, but finding any meaning behind the simplest thing invigorates me. Capturing photography about these three concepts, art, fashion, and music, is another thing I adore to do. I find the idea of taking risks to be important, everyone should take risks in order to view life from perspectives not everyone can experience.

Isra Chaudhary

Being apart of Miss Pakistan USA shows many different skills. Not only does it show a bold characteristic as a leader, but it shows an optimistic person who believes the best towards the future for Pakistan. I want to be apart of this pageant to display how Pakistan came to be and why Pakistan is such an important country. I expect many challenges from this pageant, but it’ll grow to become maturity in myself and allow knowledge and understanding of new concepts. Being apart of this pageant will give a brighter idea of what Pakistan is. It will demonstrate to be proud of heritage, ancestry, roots, and culture of Pakistan. Winning Miss Pakistan USA would give me numberless opportunities to help educate the meaning of Pakistan. The background of Pakistan shows less of women, and in this generation it’s time for us women to make a step forward. Being the youngest finalist, I could be able to educate younger generations and give them a clear understanding about critical topics such as society and poverty. Poverty in Pakistan is one hard thing to eliminate, but being Miss Pakistan USA, it would be a great deal to educate others to bring ideas for our country to get out of it. Not only is it my goal to demonstrate the allurement of Pakistan, but interpreting the beauty of Islam and how it interacts with being a Pakistani is another one of my goals to exhibit others. Religion shows true intentions of how one is, and the religion of Islam shows purity and humbleness.

I am very eager to be participating in Miss Pakistan USA and I am looking forward to experiencing profuse defiances and bringing my enthusiasm to this pageant