Komal Junejo was born in Islamabad and moved to the United States at the age of three.

Growing up as an awkward-child with frizzy hair, harry-potter shaped glasses and bright pink braces, the 22-year-old has since become an advocate for organizations that instill self-esteem and confidence in young girls. Last year, she served as the campus ambassador for the Teen Vogue Mean Stinks Anti-Bullying Campaign.

Komal Junejo

Komal Junejo recently graduated from the University of Florida Honors Program where she earned a degree in Journalism and minor in International Development & Humanitarian Assistance. She is pursuing a career in the media that will allow her shed positive light to minorities who are often depicted negatively. Media is a one-way ticket to the world, and she believes that a major issue today is a lack of accuracy and a surplus of cultural stereotypes. As well, she hopes that career path will allow her to serve as an inspiration for young Pakistani-American women. “Girls need to be exposed to role-models who they relate to. That way they know that there are minorities who look like them that are accomplishing great things and they can too,” she says.

If she is awarded Miss Pakistan U.S.A., she sees an opportunity to bring awareness to Pakistani culture as well as strengthen current race relations within the United States. The best way to get others to take an interest in your culture, is to show a genuine interest in there’s.

“I want people to know why I am so proud to be Pakistani, I want them to feel the chills I feel when someone asks me why I love my heritage.”

Fun Facts:
1.Komal’s most recent journalistic experience was being flown to New York City after being chosen as a blogger-fellow for the United Nation’s Social Good+ Summit.
2. She recently conquered her fear of heights in Haiti. Komal flew down Dragon’s Breath, the world’s largest zipline over water.
3.Every Ramadan, Komal performs 30 random acts of kindness: from delivering cards to patients who haven’t had visitors in the hospital to leaving bouquets of flowers with positive sayings on random cars in the parking lot.
4.If she could live one day without rules, Komal would travel to every country in the world and eat a dessert at every stop!