Hey y’all! My name is Annie Hafeez and I am 20 years old. I bet you’re thinking I must be in the wrong pageant because of my looks huh, let me clear that up for you. I am half Pakistani from my fathers side and half Ecuadorian from my mothers side. I am a northerner by birth, a southerner by heart, and Pakistani by the grace of god. I currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina and attend school at East Carolina University.

I am majoring in criminal justice – forensic science and I hope to be a forensic odontologist in the future. Being a part of this pageant isn’t only about looks or ‘which girl is prettiest’, I believe it’s about who is willing to put all their time and effort to make a change in Pakistan. It is an honor and a blessing to be a part of this pageant because I have always wanted to be able to speak my voice as well as help others around the world, specifically Pakistan.What better opportunity than this!

Although I was born and raised in America, Pakistan’s culture and values is what I have grown up on. I was even grateful enough to live in Pakistan for a year and experience everything while living there. I was able to see how both poverty and education alone created such a negative impact towards Pakistan. My heart can’t take seeing another child beg for money to support his family.

If I win this pageant, as Miss Pakistan 2014, I plan to start up organizations in Pakistan to help children and those in poverty

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